Thursday, July 4, 2013


 What a novelty it is being married. We are loving every minute spent together and definitely have been keeping busy. I started my full time job working for the city of mesa parks and rec swim team. I am the head coach over at Kino and absolutely love my job. I am starting to have a really hard time accepting the fact that i may not be back next year. (Don't worry, I am doing everything in my right mind to convince Jared that we need to come back for summer!) 

Over Memorial Day Weekend we went camping with the Williams family to Aravaipa. 
What a treat it was to be away from the craziness and spend time with family

 ^^great husband award. 
no lie, he is better than me
 Chopped my hair for the summer.
 Thanks to my good friend Maggie for the summer do, I love it!
 Busted out the fast skin for Lifeguard Olympics.
Haven't worn this since 2009 at Senior State Champs.
We killed it.
 Coach Anthony, Ian, and Aiden Murdzev.
Two of the sweetest boys i have EVER met.
 Best coaching staff i have ever had.
Marissa, Anthony, Justin and I.
We just won our coaches relay against all the other pools.
 This family has done more for me than anyone will ever know.
Their mom, dad, and even nanny help with time trials every week.
The Otter Kids. otherwise known as the Otter-pop family.
 Jared and I got to get away last weekend (FINALLY)
and went camping with some friends in Flagstaff
 We had such a great time with them,
we are even hanging out with them again this weekend!
Pure bliss

Thursday, May 30, 2013

6 months?

Can you believe it's been 6 months since this day? Crazy how fast time flies. 6 months ago i made the best decision I have ever made; I was married and sealed to this wonderful man for time and all eternity. How wonderful those words truly are.

I always wanted to believe in true love. Fairytale endings, popping the foot when kissed by your true prince charming, all of the things disney movies taught me. Unfortunately, i never really knew what that feeling was until i met Jared. I am so grateful for him and everything he has taught me. I don't understand how one man can be so loving and patient and kind, but he is. He puts up with all my sass, emotional meltdowns, and crazy blonde moments and I am eternally grateful for him. Everyday i wake up so happy he is in my life.

It really has been the best 6 months of my life. I can't wait to see what else is in store for us. 
<<you're all welcome for the sappy love post>>

Friday, April 26, 2013

April News!

Well, April has definitely come and gone. Crazy how fast time is flying by! As always, life for the Williams has been a bit crazy. Between working, school, babysitting, date nights, and trying not to burn food, blogging is definitely down a little far on my list. But I have promised my husband and friends that I will be better, so here it is. Newlywed Novelties.

My cute friend Lexi Heninger is an amazing photographer. She is starting up her business, which meant Jared and I were honored enough to be her photographies. I just love getting pictures taken, mostly because it captures the cutest moments with the cutest boy!

I also enlisted her into taking some pictures for Jared's graduation announcement. Jared will graduate from ASU with his bachelor's of science in Kineseology on May 10, 2013. I am so proud of him, and he is equally as excited as I am to be able to have a break from school work and spend our last summer here in AZ together!

Speaking of our last summer, if you haven't heard, we are moving to Spokane, Washington on August 1st. Jared will get his Masters in Health Administration from Washington State University, and I am hoping to be working in a kids cut salon. We are so excited for this adventure. As sad as we are to move away from family and our friends here, we cannot wait to be in such a beautiful place and start our lives together there! Also, moving means a bigger apartment. Bigger apartment means more decorating, which equals countless trips to IKEA (don't worry, we have already been twice this week..... in 3 days)

As for any funny stories from us, which is why majority of you read this blog, every day is something funny and ridiculous. Come hang out with us, and I promise, you will not be bored. 

also, side comment, my husband is sexy. Look at those pictures. I melt. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Reagan and Jared meet Spokane

This past weekend we went to the beautiful Spokane, Washington. Some things i learned this weekend:

-When flying southwest, make sure to check in as soon as you can. Otherwise you end up sitting in the back of the plane next to a very large smelly man who takes up a seat and a half.
-If you end up sitting in the back, good luck. Apparently people don't know how to hold their pee on a 2.5 hour flight.... they will bump you right into that smelly man.
-When booking a hotel, sometimes it's better to have your husband do it.
-but, if you are feeling brave, be careful. you may be eating breakfast with some homeless people (and not the nice ones either)
-Testicles are what men have, tenticles are what the octopus has. #goodtoknow
-The thing that falls out of the sky that is white, yeah, that's snow. It's pretty, and hopefully won't be long to stay. 
-Yelp is a wonderful app. 
-On the airplane, you do not have Wifi. Or service. Even if you have 4G. AND, airplane mode does not enable those things either.
-Get a car with AWD. or awesome brakes. Especially for when you plan on living on the "south hill"

Basically, we had the time of our lives. Jared and I both decided that this was our favorite vacation we have been on. We got to do whatever we wanted, on any time schedule we liked. here are some pictures, ENJOY!

We hope we get to come back soon. (August 2013 maybe?)

also, to all my insta followers... you're very welcome for the insta overload. don't worry... there is more not posted.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

answered prayers

Last Saturday we had the biggest thing happen in our family. JARED GOT ACCEPTED TO WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY!!!! this school was definitely high up on our list, and i couldnt be more proud. Want the story? here you go:

We had just finished working on my car for about an hour (my shifter broke. dumb) when we decided to use our gift card to red robin since i am obsessed with their French fries. It's true love. i swear. We got in the car and I told jared we should stop by the mailbox since i knew my paycheck was in there and i love getting paid. I got the mail, threw the ads away and got back in the car. As i was searching through our mail, i found a letter from Washington State. I screamed as i handed it to Jared, but he quickly killed my mood when he said that it was most likely a  "thank you for applying. please fill out our survey" kind of letter. As he opened it, he read,

 "Jared Paul Williams. This admission certificate is your notification that you have been admitted to the Graduate School at Washington State University to work for the Master of Health Policy and Administration."

i started crying. This was something he has worked for his whole college life and is something we have both dreamed of coming true. It was finally here. That wonderful letter telling us that we DO have a plan come August. Jared still is waiting to hear back from a few schools and then we will visit and decide, but we are so grateful for all of the love and support from our families and friends in this huge accomplishment in his life. We cannot wait to start our lives together and go on the biggest adventure we have ever been on. It will be weird moving somewhere we know no one, know no streets, nor where the closest grocery store is or where the ghetto neighborhood is, but we are so excited and happy.

Monday, February 11, 2013

New moments

Well, if any of you follow us on instagram, you will know that we had a blast in California this weekend. I surprised Jared on Friday. We woke up, and the birthday boy was so excited he couldn't wait to open his gift. I had already printed out our tickets and stuck them in an envelope (and old paycheck envelope since we didn't have any others). His face was priceless. He was so surprised and just a few hours later we were off. Our car ride was short and sweet, and we loved being able to stay with Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Marc, Cam, Bryce and Nicole and baby. Jared got a homemade bumbleberry pie for his birthday ( one of his favorites) and then we headed off to six flags on Saturday, where we were quickly reminded that we were not as young as we thought we were. We had a blast.

Also, Jared and I got new church callings, and I already gave my first talk as Sister Williams. I teach the sunbeams, and Jared teaches the 16 year old Sunday school class. We both are loving them so far, and we absolutely love our ward and our friends.

Jared is still applying to graduate school and waiting to hear at the same time. He is working extra hard to finish his last semester at ASU and graduate this May!! I am so proud of him. He has also been doing an internship on top of an already full schedule and really enjoys it. He has learned a lot already and I am so excited for him to be in that position one day! (as is he)

I have been working long days between the tree house, lifeguarding, and coaching a club team, while still doing haircuts on the side. I also recently discovered the gym at our apartment complex, so i have been there a few days a week. I refuse to gain weight.  I love being busy, love keeping my house clean (and that's not a lie either) and love learning how to cook. I can't wait to be a great cook like my mom, sisters, and sister in laws, but for now I will stick to the fun of learning how to sift flour, separate an egg, and my latest... use a broiler.

We are so blessed and lucky to have found eachother and start our lives together. It's crazy to look back on all the events that led up to our meeting eachother, but we are so glad everything worked out the way it did. It's crazy how Heavenly Father puts people in your lives for a reason. What an amazing thing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things i've learned as a newlywed

  • Crock pot meals are the world's best thing. Especially when you work till 7 pm
  • Never substitute Miracle Whip for Mayo
  • Stealing all the covers at night will in turn make one very angry husband in the morning
  • Better yet, get your own blankets
  • Wedding video on repeat while husband is gone to work only makes you miss him more
  • When doing laundry, don't go outside naked. Your clothes on your body can wait for the next batch. If you do, you will get some very weird looks.
  • Clean out the "lint grabber" every time you do laundry. If not, it will have 2 months of lint attached to it and you will wonder why you went to work with wet pants.
  • Christmas trees have an expiration date.. take them down 
  • Velveeta is not good. Especially in homemade mac and cheese. Go out to eat instead.
  • You will find yourself watching shows like The Bachelor, Gossip Girl, Dance Moms, and other ridiculous shows alone.
  • If you choose to watch them with your husband, he will make fun of them and the characters in them the entire time.
  • A clean house makes you feel a lot better. Even if it is only 750 square feet of clean
  • Don't go shopping until AFTER the bills are paid
  • Learn to compromise. 
Happy 7 week anniversary to us (tomorrow)