Thursday, July 4, 2013


 What a novelty it is being married. We are loving every minute spent together and definitely have been keeping busy. I started my full time job working for the city of mesa parks and rec swim team. I am the head coach over at Kino and absolutely love my job. I am starting to have a really hard time accepting the fact that i may not be back next year. (Don't worry, I am doing everything in my right mind to convince Jared that we need to come back for summer!) 

Over Memorial Day Weekend we went camping with the Williams family to Aravaipa. 
What a treat it was to be away from the craziness and spend time with family

 ^^great husband award. 
no lie, he is better than me
 Chopped my hair for the summer.
 Thanks to my good friend Maggie for the summer do, I love it!
 Busted out the fast skin for Lifeguard Olympics.
Haven't worn this since 2009 at Senior State Champs.
We killed it.
 Coach Anthony, Ian, and Aiden Murdzev.
Two of the sweetest boys i have EVER met.
 Best coaching staff i have ever had.
Marissa, Anthony, Justin and I.
We just won our coaches relay against all the other pools.
 This family has done more for me than anyone will ever know.
Their mom, dad, and even nanny help with time trials every week.
The Otter Kids. otherwise known as the Otter-pop family.
 Jared and I got to get away last weekend (FINALLY)
and went camping with some friends in Flagstaff
 We had such a great time with them,
we are even hanging out with them again this weekend!
Pure bliss

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